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Tender Assistance

Quotation Review & Advice

Coordination With Contractor

Project Supervision

Site Inspections

Construction Period Advice

Final Inspections


Peace of Mind!

Tendering Period


We offer Tender Period & Construction support services where we assist and support you throughout the tender and construction periods. Upon completion of the Detail Design landscape plans we will assist you with the tendering phase:

  • We will help you to gain accurate, competitive quotes from recommended landscape contractors

  • We will help review any quotations you receive, provide advice and ensure fair schedule of prices - allowing you to confidently select your preferred contractor

  • We will meet with you and your chosen contractor to to review the design in full and identify potential cost-savings, whilst maintaining the design intent and integrity.

  • Any amendments identified will be incorporated into a final set of detailed landscape drawings ready for construction!

Construction Period


During the construction period dsb will take on a Project Supervision role on your behalf. We will be your point of contact; responding to any questions and/or concerns that may arise on your behalf. This service includes:

  • Weekly site visits/inspections to ensure the landscape is being installed as per the documentation and to answer any questions that may arise

  • Assess plant and tree stock before installation to ensure all specimens are in good health and suitable for installation

  • Final inspection of completed landscape and identify any defects that may be present to be rectified by the contractor before final payment

  • Provide confirmation to you that the completed landscape is acceptable and final payment can be made to the contractor.

dsb Landscape Architects will overview the project for you from start to finish; ensuring the design intent is maintained, the finished landscape meets your expectations, and that the project timeline is seamless and stress-free.

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