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The Canberra Light Rail project is a dual trackform light rail project extending thirteen kilometres from Gungahlin in the north to Civic in the south. In keeping with Canberra planning and landscape policies, and Canberra as a ‘City in a Forest’, the Canberra Light Rail project is a landscape and urban design work first that includes light rail infrastructure.

The dsb Team have received universal praise from the international consortium team and ACT and Federal Government entities.


The landscape architectural and urban design services included concept development prior to the PPP Bid, and detailed landscape design development and construction documentation.

The Canberra Light Rail project landscape concept includes ceremonial boulevards of Eucalyptus woodland and grassland utilising endemic native trees and grasses herbs and forbs from the Temperate Lowland Grasslands of the Canberra district. This landscape envelops and encloses the light rail infrastructure within the median of major Canberra roads and the median of the ceremonial Northbourne Avenue as entrance to the National Capital. Urban design and landscape strategies were developed for the light rail infrastructure and stops to provide a high-quality environment and high-quality finishes well integrated with the adjacent urban development.

High quality design outcomes for the light rail infrastructure at Gungahlin Town Centre, Alinga Stop and Northbourne Avenue Plaza were developed from extensive design workshops and stakeholder consultation.

Procurement management was undertaken to provide 1000 4-5m advanced eucalypts for tree planting along the corridor within a tight program. Native grasses herbs and forbs of the Canberra grasslands were procured from specialist providers including 32 species and approximately 2 million individual plants. Plant species selection was predicated on the ability of plants to seed and become self-sustaining grassland habitat. 

Canberra, ACT


Concept Design

Development Application

Detail Design

Construction Supervision




Canberra Metro

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