Cooma, NSW

The enhancement and development of the landscape setting of Cooma’s Main Street and Centennial Park is provided within a master plan. The master plan aimed to support the function of Centennial Park as a ‘green oasis’ for the Cooma Monaro residents.


The mains street image is enhanced with the landscape pavement, lighting and furniture options and management plans for existing mature trees. Landscape entrances to the main street precinct, develop planting beds, tree planting, and banners as gateway and town entry features.

The master planning was followed by subsequent engagements for design development and construction detailing of streetscapes, road verges, street trees and pedestrian pavements and stone walls.


Continuing communication with Council project managers ensured the inclusion of the design intent in Council constructed works.


Community Consultation

Master Planning

Detail Design

Construction Supervision


Cooma Monaro Council