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Deakin, ACT

EQUINOX is the first business complex in Deakin, Canberra. The character of the Park is defined by the landscape planting structure, spatial arrangement and hard landscape materials palette, which creates a seamless transition between the buildings and public domain.

The paving in the landscape binds the site together with the buildings creating plaza-like environment with predominantly travertine paving finish. While an easy vehicular access to the site is provided – strong pedestrian links between the office buildings are encouraged through the use of various textured paving materials creating safe pedestrian environment.

The planting design focuses on use of native and drought tolerant species. Mass planting of native grasses and groundcovers planted in radiating pattern from centrally located building contributes an elegance and subtle flamboyance through their distinctive foliage and form. The various colours of mulch follow closely different planting patterns – strengthening the overall visual aesthetics.


Concept Design

Development Application / Town Planning

Detail Design

Construction Supervision

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