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Initial Consultation

Project Brief Development

Concept Sketches

Landscape Concept Plans

Section / Elevations

3D Modelling

Planting Palette

Materials Palette

Upon engagement, we will request any existing architectural or survey plans for the site which we will use as the base of our design. If these existing plans are not available a qualified surveyor may need to be engaged (to be determined at initial consultation).


Concept Design / Design Development

The dsb Team will produce an overall, colour rendered site plan incorporating key design elements and functions identified from the start-up meeting. The plan will include:

  • Hard landscape – layout of paved areas, retaining walls, and furniture

  • Soft landscape – layout of garden beds and turf areas

  • Planting Palette – images and names of proposed species'

  • Materials Palette – images and names of proposed materials

  • Section / Elevations

  • 3D sketch imagery


This concept will be presented to your for discussion to identify any comments of changes that you may have. We will then use this information to produce a final concept design that you'll love!

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