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dsb Landscape Architects is a leading Landscape Architectural firm with over 40 years experience in all facets of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Urban Horticulture

dsb offers a full range of landscape architectural and horticultural consultancy services including:

Site Assessment

  • Pre-Development Advice Regarding Existing Vegetation

  • Vegetation Assessments & Reporting

  • Urban Forest ACT Assessment & Documentation

  • Tree Management Plans (TMP) & Advice

  • Residential Zone Specification Tree Compliance

  • Landscape Management & Protection Plans (LMPP)

  • Expert Witness Advice & Court Appearance

  • Visual Impact Assessments / Statements


Landscape Concept Design

  • Master Planning

  • Concept Design Development & Coordination

  • 3D Modelling

  • Presentation Graphics


Landscape Detail Design

  • Town Planning & Development Application Documentation

  • Building Approval & Tender Documentation

  • As For Construction Documentation


Landscape Construction Services

  • Expert advice

  • Inspections & Certifications

  • Defects & Handovers

  • Maintenance Plans

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  • Vegetation Assessments

  • Tree Removal Advice

  • Pre-Development Advice

  • Tree Management Plans

  • Tree Protection Plans

  • Landscape Management Plans

  • Expert Witness Advice

  • Visual Impact Assessments

  • Protected Tree Schedule Reporting

  • Urban Forest ACT Documentation

  • Canopy Contribution Assessments

As Consulting Arborists, dsb Landscape Architects can evaluate and assess and report on existing trees, provide reliable advice on retention and removal options and provide the documents in preparation for the approvals process. When the approvals process becomes protracted, we can intervene professionally to achieve a timely outcome.


Vegetation Assessments & Advice

Where trees and development clash, it is often a lack of understanding of the system / administration or a limit on the information available.

Pre-development advice, with dsb Landscape Architects, entails an inspection and advice on tree impacts on development potential prior to commitment to purchase.

Urban Forest ACT effective January 1 2024 brings a new perspective to retention, protection and enhancement of the Canberra Urban Forest. Buildings Design and Development now has a new and very administrative environment to negotiate and we are able to engage constructively with the design Team to guide the process.

Development in proximity to retained trees requires a Tree Management Plan (TMP) to demonstrate and direct ongoing viability of the tree in conjunction with innovative construction techniques to mitigate the impact. We work with your project team to achieve the optimal outcome.


Our 40 years plus experience in arborist services and Tree Approvals, and our previous experience in Administrative Tribunals and Courts, ably demonstrates our capability in providing arborist expert witness advice and court appearance services.

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